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Murder By Design

Murder by Design

A whodunnit that will keep the reader guessing until the end.

How far would you go to protect a secret?
Ask David Farrell - a man who risks everything to protect his.

Law student, David Farrell, is months away from his dream of becoming  a powerful attorney in Texas when fate steps in. A chance encounter in a Houston bar opens a seam into his past and threatens to expose a secret kept hidden behind smiles ande charm. In one brief moment, Farrell goes from charismatic law student on the brink of a brilliant career to a man embarking on a journey of no return.
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Into Thin Air

Into Thin Air

A man vanishes. Join P.I. Lisa Martin and follow her footsteps from Houston to Cairo, Rome and London. International intrigue is filled with deception and danger sprinkled with spicy romance.
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Murder By Proxy

Murder By Proxy

Murder By Proxy" (fiction based in part on author's experience) - An American woman in Egypt pursuing her desriny. Will she be successful or will dangerous forces stop her?
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Murder By Proxy


The “Magic of Christmas,” five delicious stories, suspense, fantasy, paranormal, and romance, offer surprising twists and turns for seasonal and beyond reading. The tales embrace discoveries, hopes, and love that I hope will enhance your joyous Christmas holiday.
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Murder By Proxy

The Common Thread

















Twisted Tales of Texas Landmarks: Great Spirit, Crystals, Rainbowsand Oz.         






























"A Box of Texas Chocolates, The Final Twist Anthology" 



"The Cowboy's Rose," a mystery is included in this anthology.















A Death in Texas The Final Twist

“Anna Rose” will be included in this mystery anthology coming Fall, 2008.

















Dead and Breakfast

The Final Twist Mystery AuthorsAnthology

“Dead by Breakfast” and “Veiled Deception”













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